A new adventure brings …

I’m happy to share with the interwebs that I’ll be starting a new role at General Motors on Monday 9/12. I’ll be doing IT centric work which is right in my wheelhouse. The team I interviewed with made me feel welcome and I’m excited for the new challenges that await. 

It was quite an adventure but I knew that the right opportunity would present itself and I am optimistic for this new start. I did have multiple interview vectors moving at the same time and of the options that were presented GM was the one that stood out. If we get a chance to chat face to face I’ll share some of my misadventures in interviewing.

I want to send a huge thank you to all of my friends and family across the world who have shared kindness and support during my job search. The phone calls, the emails, the tweets, texts, insta-face-grams all made a difference.

Now the question looms … can I convince Heidi that we need a new car? Maybe a Chevy Bolt perhaps? 

Boldly seeking …

I’m restarting my blog for a while. Who knows how long it will last.

I am currently seeking employment. Whew. It’s out there.

I have not been working since June 8, 2016. It hurt for a while. I still don’t really know why it happened to me, but I’m coming to grips with that. I am accepting that I will never really know.

If you are finding this information out via this blog / tweet / facebook post and might be surprised or hurt that you did not find out sooner, I’m sorry. It was my intention to send a note to my friends and family providing an update but the time never seemed “right”.

This has been a very intense personal journey for me. One that has been full of ups and downs, as anyone would expect. More than that it has been full of uncertainty.

I have been uncertain whether or not the skills and talents that I have built over the 20+ years I’ve been working are truly valuable.

I have been uncertain who to share this information with. Not because I’m necessarily trying to hide the fact that I am unemployed. I mean, sure, it’s not great news that I’m seeking employment. The uncertainty is rooted in the fact that I dread having the same conversation with each and every person, over and over again. I dread the story resurfacing the sadness, anxiety, anger, worry. Just typing that sentence brought some of the feelings back.

I never considered myself identified by my job, I worked for a company.

I was not the embodiment of that company.

I work to provide for my family.

I work to meet new and interesting people.

I work because I want to contribute to something larger than myself.

I do not “live to work”, I “work to live”.

I’m grateful to have such a large (and growing) group of people I can unreservedly say I love and cherish. Thinking of each and every person, every experience, each crazy story that I have stumbled through on my own journey makes me feel alive. This is what living is all about. Jobs, money, houses, cars – I know it’s cliche – but they are just things. People, experiences, loving and being loved. This is what life is about.

I will find my way and I know I cannot do it alone. While I am on this journey, exploring new companies, seeking out a new work life, new challenges, I do appreciate your support and love in any way you feel comfortable showing it.

Arizona Cities Could Face Cutbacks in Water From Colorado River, Officials Say

Arizona Cities Could Face Cutbacks in Water From Colorado River, Officials Say

You know those post-apocalyptic movies where they are always showing news reports of the thing that leads to the “thing” that takes out humanity. I feel like I’m watching it unfold in my backyard. The big headlines come from Global Climate Change or Global Warming and those certainly are deserving. However it seems to me that something like a water crisis is the thing that will come up and smack us while we aren’t looking. Don’t mistake me for saying we aren’t paying attention, it’s just that we are paying attention to so many other things we might miss the opportunity to be proactive in addressing it.

Soccer Fantasy League – for the Premier League

No need to comment if you a) hate soccer b) hate me c) hate life d) A thru C
I’m floating interest for participating in a DRAFT soccer league that uses players in the English Premier League. It would be a head-to-head weekly matchup. There would be drop/add/trading of players. I’m very familiar with the NFL fantasy leagues, but soccer is all new to me so we can learn together.

The season kicks off 8/16 so the draft is going to be an online affair whenever works for the folks that want to play.

We will be using a site called draftepl.com – I’ll send the join info to those interested.

When Thrill Rides Are Real Risks

When Thrill Rides Are Real Risks

My experience as a “person of size” at Magic Mountain – I felt safe on the rides that I experienced. I was not able to ride Batman or the Riddler because I did not fit in the harness. I was bummed, but I would much rather be safe than sorry.

As the rides get more and more crazy and riders get larger and larger I do think parks should have to reveal data and statistics. For example I would like to know what the weight rating is on all of the harneses on all of the rides. At least then I can make an informed decision as to whether or not I want to visit the park or ride a particular ride.

Then again, FUD is always more fun.